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Welcome to the Dale and Rogers Family web site. The Dale family traces its root to Rollag in the Numendahl Valley of southeastern Norway. The family immigrated to the US in 1854 with the other thousands of other Norwegians seeking a better life in America. The details of there journey to Wisconsin are lost but we do know that the father, Halvor Halvorsen died at sea leaving his family of 4 to make their way. When the family arrived they changed their name to Dale, although we have seen some records with the name Dahlen. The Rogers Family traces its roots to Upper Canada. The path back fades at about the time of the Revolutionary war. Apparently, we seek the whole story, the Rogers were early immigrates to America most probably the New England area and were Loyalists to the Queen. Consequently they moved to Lower Canada and joined the Queens Army to fight the Revolutionaries. The earliest confirmed family was that of Elemuel Rogers living in Haldimand, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada. Other families that are part of the Dale-Rogers family lines are: Wheeler, Brown(Braun), Daywitt, Fingerson, Neilsdotter. All inquiries are invited.

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